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The offline blog post builder Narrative has quickly become a regular feature in my arsenal of essential tools to run my wedding photography business. James from Narrative reached out to me during a busy time almost a year ago. After giving the software a proper go, I finally understood how useful it can be.

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I delve deeper into the benefits in this full review of Narrative , but in the meantime, be sure to download a free trial version for yourself and have a play around. It might actually make blogging your weddings fun again :p.

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I went through a phase of testing various pop ups on my wedding photography site in order to write one of the online marketing chapters in More Brides. I explain more techniques elsewhere on Shotkit in a post on marketing for photographers , but the general gist of it is that pop ups may be annoying, but they still tend to work! Thrive Leads makes it ridiculously easy to create your own pop ups and lead capture forms on your website.

Get Thrive Leads here. This clunky little Chrome extension is the lazy smart? How do you get enough Likes on a post to warrant its use? Invite Post Likes is a little confusing to set up, but when you have it ready, you just press one button and the app does its thing. I used it to gain initial traction on my wedding business Facebook Page, and recommend it for those of you who are intent on building an audience on Facebook as fast as possible.

Get Invite Post Likes here. Another great way to build a huge list of potential wedding clients is to host a giveaway. Another great thing about Gleam is that you pay per month, i. I usually only pay for a month at a time, then cancel, and resubscribe only when I need to. Get Gleam here. When I need a quick top up of new leads, especially for engagement sessions , this Facebook Ads Course by Andrew Hellmich of PhotoBizExposed is an excellent method, and very quick to implement.

I used the Facebook Ads Course two summers ago to increase my engagement session bookings, and ended up scoring 2 destination weddings in the process! Get the Facebook Ads Course for Photographers here. Despite the huge popularity of Instagram, your wedding photography website continues to be the shop-front to your business. I held off using FloThemes and many of the other all-in-one WordPress themes for quite some time, simply because they were so ubiquitous. Instead I chose to mess around with a number of free and premium WordPress themes for photographers.

So I hopped on board with their Crowd 2 theme , and after a week or so of fiddling around and migrating my old content, I had a great looking site. Check out my review of FloThemes for a closer look into what makes it so good. I also recommend FloHub to make your price list interactive, and appear way more professional than anything else out there. Off-camera flash can be a great way to elevate your work over all the other lazy natural light photogs out there…!

LIT is a downloadable book packed full of over 10 pages of creatively lit, world class wedding photography. It includes all the gear, settings and lighting diagrams to help you recreate each photo, and add you own personal touch. Everyone from world-class wedding photographers with hundreds of weddings under their belts, through to newcomers just stepping their foot into the wedding photography industry can benefit. Click the button below to see what you think:. Shiny object syndrome? Maybe, but getting a fast, reliable host for your wedding photography site is important.

Google loves fast sites.

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Brides love fast sites. You need to invest a little if you want your website to perform its best.

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Chris from Webster Park Digital got in touch with me with the promise of a faster site at a cheaper rate than I was currently paying. Chris wrote a whole guide to the best website hosting for photographers that you might want to check out, or if that kind of stuff bores you, just click the button below for more info on his services.

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Check out the latest SiteGround Discounts here. Being able to reduce the size of all the JPEGs I deliver to my clients and use on my websites without altering how they look is simply awesome. I particularly love the way that the JPEGmini app can be minimised to float dormant above other windows until you need to drag images onto it for processing — read my full JPEGmini review to see how it can help your workflow too. Fortunately for me, my wife is great with SEO and GA, and has helped me set up a dashboard which cuts through all the noise to show me the metrics that are most helpful — things like visits from social media sources, most popular pages, performance of paid search, etc… all on the one screen.

You can even set it up to email you a report of the stats once a week, which is perfect for people like me who tend to forget to log in and check things! Get Google Analytics here. When you have a business and severely limited time a. I tested a whole bunch of Instagram scheduling apps last year, and Later was the one I kept returning to.

I particularly like the drag and drop calendar feature, and the fact that you can schedule 30 posts per month for free bit of a weird pricing decision, if you ask me! Sign up for Later here. After I shot my very first wedding way back in , I stumbled across their paid service that promised to get my work in front of editors of wedding industry blogs.

Whether the editors would post my pictures was another matter, but simply being able to use a shot gun approach to getting my first feature seemed like a huge time saver. After a few weeks, I my first wedding was featured on several big blogs. Join Two Bright Lights here. Text replacers like Keyboard Maestro save so much time. However, if you really want to streamline your workflow, investing in something like Keyboard Maestro is a good idea. The support forum is also really helpful particularly when you first start setting things up.

One of these free tools was Jotform , which allowed me to build a wedding photogrraphy questionnaire for my clients. The drag and drop interface is user friendly and actually quite fun to use, and as you delve deeper, there are a number of power user features that can help automate things or make your form look more professional. Without wanting to spoil the secret, the main gist of it is outlined in the PhotoBizX Facebook Ads Course mentioned earlier in this article.

Get JotForm here. Clean My Mac sits dormant in your menu bar monitoring various hard drive related things until you need it. For those of you using expensive solid state drives in your Macs, this is a massive cost and speed saving. Get a free trial download of Clean My Mac here. This is another useful app by the same guys behind Clean My Mac , used by many photographers and creative professionals to keep their external drives and memory cards healthy.

Aside from keeping all my computer storage and SD cards running as healthy as possible, I also use CleanMyDrive to drag and drop files directly to any drive without having to open any additional windows, and also to quickly eject drives manually too. Get a free trial download of Clean My Drive here. Full disclosure — this is MY book! All you need to know is that if you implement the tips contained in the book, your wedding bookings will go up. Click Here to get More Brides. I hired a Nikon D4 several years ago, and after shooting the whole of the ceremony, I realised that none of my photos were visible on the card!

After trying my best to keep a calm composure for the rest of the day, I raced home and started frantically googling how to restore missing photos. Get Data Recovery Wizard Pro here. It took a while for me to warm to the Apple Watch. Being able to leave my phone and wallet at home is incredibly liberating. The Apple Watch has changed all that… although you could argue that constantly checking your watch brings along other negative connotations! Incidentally, if all you need it for is the calendar function, you could save some money by getting the Apple Watch Series 1. Get the latest Apple Watch here.

This is my secret weapon to stay on top of all the weddings I shoot.

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For the first few years shooting weddings, I edited every single one of my images myself. Being able to cull my images, upload them to ShootDotEdit , then get them back within a few days completely edited is incredibly liberating. All I have to do is one last round of proofing for any minor adjustments or the odd Photoshop edit, then upload everything to my ShootProof gallery — job done The one podcast I always listen to when I have some time in the car usually on the way to shoot a wedding , is PhotoBizXposed.

Sign up for a new account here. SLR Lounge helps over 1. Premium Membership day Free Trial. Your account will be downgraded to a Free Account at the end of your Premium Membership trial. Kishore Sawh , 2 years ago 8 2 min read. Tags sale JPEGmini. Kishore Sawh A photographer and writer based in Miami, he can often be found at dog parks, and airports in London and Toronto. He is also a tremendous fan of flossing and the happiest guy around when the company's good. Related posts. Posing Tips.

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